Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Food Blogging

I've been meaning to try Chia seeds for a while now and Diane over at Greens Plus sent me a free sample.

According to Dr. Weil, if you put Chia seeds in some kind of liquid for 15-30 minutes, they'll form a gel. I put 1/2 Tbsp of Chia seeds into a couple Tbsp of milk. Prior to putting them into my oatmeal, I broke up some cloobs with a fork. Science...

I used Bob's Gluten Free Red Mill Oats

I used 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 milk, 1/2 water, a pinch of sea salt, and a little vanilla extract, cooked on the stove and stirred constantly. Once the oats were almost all done, I added the chia seeds soaked in milk and I let cook a bit longer so that the added milk woudn't make it runny. Oh, my goodness, this is how I'm having oatmeal for now on! Seriously, omega-3 goodness besides, I loved the taste and added texture. I only got a small sample, so know that I will be going out and purchasing some Chia Seeds this week! I want my mom to try them as well. This was Saturday's breakfast.

More veggies from the garden, those are box-car willie tomatoes. Kind of flatish.

Left over mustard chicken, sweet potato fries, and sugar snap peas (I also had some tomato with salt/pepper, unpictured). Saturday's dinner--where's lunch? Veggie soup with tomato over millet toast, forgot to take a picture. The soup was made by my mother--thank you again!

Magical, happy oatmeal with chia for Sunday breakfast. So good!!!

This is my favorite quinoa pasta. Def recommend it if you are looking for something more whole grain or gluten free for pasta.

Some left over frozen corn/red pepper/onion/black bean mix plus a sunshine burger crumbled up. I mixed it with traditional red sauce (and served half over the quinoa pasta) for Sunday lunch.

Yummy, very grain heavy weekend now that I look back on it.

I made some True Blue Berry ice-tea with lemon and stevia to have as a refreshing drink during the week. Better than soda or commerical ice-tea and healthier. I need to make some iced-green tea for caffeine during the week, to ween off of diet coke again.

Sunday dinner, salmon, asparagus, some red-beans in a tomato sauce.

Monday's breakfast, Chobani Greek Yogurt with a measured serving of granola. Here's the funny bit, I thought it was a quarter cup, but was actually a 1/3 cup. So, when I decided to measure out my 1/4 serving I was surpised how much MORE granola I got then when I eye-balled it in the moring. Of course, I thought that I was under-estimating a 1/4 cup, when I actually probably got it right. So, I'll bring an actual 1/4 cup and see next week.

Sandwich experiment take one: turkey, cheese (I forgot the lettuce/tomato I meant to cut up), I also forgot the light mayo, so I had to use a very old packet of real mayo which was probably transfatty and bad. I could have used the hummus, in hindsight. Pictured with olives and sugar snap peas with hummus. I had some carrots earlier, before finishing make the sandwich. Thus far, no sandwich fall out. Its organic flax bread.

Another 1/2 a sandwich as a snack. Laughing cow with turkey.

Dinner was divine, pinto and cranberry soup with tons of onion, corn-bread (made into little hearts) and iced-blueberry tea. I had another heart-shaped corn muffin with strawberry jam for dessert later.




And, this morning's breakfast: vanilla Chobani yogurt with flax-plus granola.

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