Friday, August 7, 2009

My Sister Ate A Burger

Okay, I should explain, my sister has been a vegetarian since she was about 13 years old. She eats fish, eggs, dairy, but other than that, she NEVER eats meat. Well, lately she's been introducing meat into her diet--and she ate a burger. A fast-food burger at that! She's actually had one home-grilled burger at a cookout and then this fast-food monstrosity at BK. She liked the homemade version, the fast food was less than appealing. I have a picture, but I said I'd block out her face for privacy (though I don't quite know how to do that in photoshop), so I'll just use the stock image of a burger to illustrate my point.

My sister, who would often ask that the subway folks change gloves when they start her sandwich if the previous sandwich had contained meat (for fears of cross contamination), is now eating meat. I know that Drew Barrymore switched from Vegetarianism to include some meat eating a few years ago. Being a Vegetarian was such a bit part of my understanding of who my sister was--is that fair? Accurate? Probably not, but still, I can't quite believe that she's eating meat. Though, she does say she has more energy.

So, what about you, dear reader: any former Vegetarians out there want to share? Current? Commited Omni's?

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  1. In these hard economic times. Beggers shouldn't be choosy. When I last went to the grocery story the only meat I could find under $2 a pound was pork. So I have italian sauce and center cut porkchops in various ways all month. I happen to like pork, but after 3 weeks I would like to see a chicken leg in my life. But a last that wasn't in my food budget.

    I have even have some Vegetarian days when meat didn't fit into the budget of the day.

    I have had veggie soup for breakfast. Gucamole salad for lunch and ramen and green beans for dinner. It is not what I want to eat but it is what I have to eat.