Friday, August 14, 2009

Victoria Secret Gone Crazy

Victoria Secret has lost it's mind. This campaign is so ridiculous, "Which Body are you ?" implying that the chicks in the ad are diverse like the woman of the world. Please the only difference is the hair color. Also these bras wouldn't fit me or other plus size woman with any degree of comfort.

An they have the nerve to offer a contest about body confidence . If you want me to be confident about my body, sell me a bra that will fit and lift my 42 DDD off my tummy so I can try to create a waist.


  1. LOL!! Wow! All of those models look exactly alike. The two on the end (right) look like they share the exact same body, except for slightly different skin tones. They need to fire their PR/Marketing people and design bras that fit "real" women.

  2. Hey, Purple_moonflower123, its nice to see ya commenting!

    yeah, that picture and the caption, like they represent any kind of diversity of body-type (let alone ethnic diversity) is exactly the kind of corporate appropriation of "empowerment" that somehow makes cleaning products feminist or cellulite creams body-affirming. Its total crap in other words.