Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singer Jill Scott: How I Lost 63 Pounds! reports that singer/actress Jill Scott has lost 63 lbs in 2 years.

I commend Jill Scott for losing at a regular person pace. She seemed to be doing it for health and well being instead of Hollywood crazy reasons. She also speaks of portion control and exercise for success. So many celebrities don't talk about the basics. I also like that she didn't do a bikini cover after the weight loss.

Racist/Sexist/Classist Ad from India--Wow, Well Done!

Are you kidding me with this? This ad from India managed to be racist, sexist and classist all in one fell-swoop! It is for Lotte Choco Caramel With Mango Inside, "the choco-caramel-colored pregnant maid represents the Choco Caramel With Mango Inside." Link to Jezebel Article HERE.
I mean, what can you say? Wow, just wow? Isn't there any...THINKING about ad content?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mac Gets Fat For Laughs

So, there's a bit of a buzz about Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Rob MacElhenney gaining 50lbs in order to play a "fat Mac" in the next season of the show. First off, I should be upfront: I think Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows on TV! So, if my love for the show is getting in my way of being appropriately critical of it, let me know in the comments. Some of his cast-mates expressed concern for the health implications of gaining 50lbs through eating tons of junk (and that's super valid), but why I think this will be okay artistically if not generally okay healthwise is that the writers of Sunny are super smart satirists and Mac is NOTORIOUSLY VAIN. I think they will explore several issues of weight, self-perception, self-esteem of men based on their physical appearance, prejudice and double standards of beauty in this up-coming season with this deliberate choice of weight gain. Now, this doesn't all happen in a vaccuum and fat men are often "the funny guy" as a defense mechanism in our culture. Fat men like Chris Farley and John Candy died prematurely due to their lifestyles, which in Farley's case at least, included lots and lots of drugs to keep him manic as well as funny. There's also the softer side of the fat man trope, the jolly fat man--think Santa. So, these are cultural touchstones Sunny will have to deal with, and maybe they'll just stick with the Big Mac theme of MacElhenney as the fool who doesn't know that he's fat. We'll see. But I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see where they take this. If its all bad, I'll retract this post!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That Diet Coke Addiction? Yeah, its a REAL Problem

Alright, I'm not one for alarmist reactions to popular-culture health stories with buzz, but this is probably the most comprehensive diet soda study (almost 10 years) and the results are alarming. I've already been on the record that I've had "a diet coke problem" before and that I almost never drink Diet Coke now, but I do occasionally because I'm against purity pledges. I gotta say folks, I'm starting to go all AA on this issue.

The Study Found:

Measures of height, weight, waist circumference and diet soda intake were recorded at SALSA enrollment and at three follow-up exams that took place over the next decade. The average follow-up time was 9.5 years. The researchers compared long-term change in waist circumference for diet soda users versus non-users in all follow-up periods. The results were adjusted for waist circumference, diabetes status, leisure-time physical activity level, neighborhood of residence, age and smoking status at the beginning of each interval, as well as sex, ethnicity and years of education.

Diet soft drink users, as a group, experienced 70 percent greater increases in waist circumference compared with non-users. Frequent users, who said they consumed two or more diet sodas a day, experienced waist circumference increases that were 500 percent greater than those of non-users.


"These results suggest that heavy aspartame exposure might potentially directly contribute to increased blood glucose levels, and thus contribute to the associations observed between diet soda consumption and the risk of diabetes in humans."

Yeah, when my diet coke addiction was at its worst, I was gaining the most weight. One individual's data isn't significant, but this large-scale and comprehensive study? It has me convinced that "Diet Coke" ain't my friend. Water, iced-tea (lightly flavored with juice), coffee, juice, etc. These will hydrate and refresh you. Put down the can!

Shia LaBeouf: I Hooked Up... reports a long list of conquests Shia LaBeouf gave in a Details Magazine article.

I say celebrities need to keep their hookup out of the press. The relationship is over so why talk about it just to get ratings. Same goes for you Jennifer Aniston.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Beauties: Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies " Lisa Turtle of Save by the Bell" make the list for making big hair work. I also appreciate that post Saved by the Bell she didn't go for the nude scenes to try to get famous like some of her co-stars.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Review: Body With Soul

I recently read Randy Jackson's Body with Soul. This book was a quick read. I enjoyed the book mostly because he "kept is real". So real that Dawg was frequently used in the book. What I liked about it compared to other diet books, he actually had commentary from real doctors, dietitian, and personal trainers. He also stated that even though he had the weight loss surgery it took a lot of personal effort to get to the thin we see now on American Idol. He also talked about how people can get weight loss in a slow and steady fashion. So I felt for an at home reader, following him and his teams suggestions would leave you more satisfied then a 30 day cleanse type book.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bristol Palin: I Lost My Virginity While Drunk reports: In [Bristol Palin] new autobiography, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, the 20-year-old single mom reveals that, while drunk for the very first time, she lost her virginity to Levi Johnston during a camping trip.

Palin says she woke up alone in her tent, with no recollection as to what happened. Johnston, meanwhile, "talked with his friends on the other side of the canvas."

I feel this story if true should have come sooner. I feel what she should be talking about instead of abstinence only sex education. She should talk about the real issues:

- Birth control dosage to stop cramps is not the same dosage as preventing pregnancy

- Underage drinking leads to bad decisions

- Getting to know your partner before sex will tell you a lot about their character

- sexual acts with an intoxicated person maybe considered assault

I wish her the best, but I do feel all the interviews and books even if true are pretty sensational and all done in the sole pursuit of money.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Beauties: Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith has had an awesome carreer planning fearless woman. She also has great style past and present. has some old pics of Jada Pinkett-Smith. She makes the list for always being fearless in her style now matter the decade.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What She Said

Skinny Girl with Money

What she said HERE!!!

Rihanna Responds To Music Video Backlash: 'I'm A Rockstar With No Kids!' reports Rihanna addresses her critics about her "non-role model" type videos such as Man Down. She says "I'm a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What's up with everybody wantin me to be a parent? I'm just a girl, I can only be your/our voice!"

I agree with her on this issue. I believe she is being held to a double standard when it comes to the Man Down video. The movie "The Skin I Live In" staring Antonio Banderas has similar subject matter without the same backlash.

It think the truth of the matter is that rape is an act based on violence and power. So the natural reaction to this event is to react in a violent and powerful way. The only way to overcome the natural reaction is a lot of therapy and the current mental health system doesn't provide that opportunity for most.

Vintage Beauties: Cast of Punky Brewster

The cast of Punky Brewster makes the the Vintage Beauties list because they were children dressed like children. This is lacking in today's TV when you consider the pageant children reality shows like “Little Miss Perfect,” “Toddlers and Tiaras,” and “Little Beauties.”

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Naomi Campbell vs. Cadbury

OMG is reporting that Naomi Campbell is angry over a Cadbury Chocolate advertisement compare her to a milk chocolate candy bar.

I get it black people don't want to be compared to inanimate objects. Cadbury has apologized and
pulled this ad. Yet, I wonder how many advertises, who weren't black, came up with this campaign not seeing this complaint coming.