Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Food Blogging

For breakfast I had PB & Millet toast like the day before, so I thought I'd use the same picture, but of course its on the other computer. So, I'll start out with lunch. I had shrimp salad over mixed greens, with purple cabbage, snow peas, red pepper, and baby carrots. It was divine.

I also had a slice of millet toast with some brie on it--that looks like a ton of brie, but its only 1oz--Millet Toast is smaller than regular toast.

For dinner we went to a new Mediterranean place to celebrate my successful sermon/service at church. We started out with herbs & oil with a levened pita bread (very different from the pita I'm used to). I had a little.

That's my nieces arm testing out the bread and that's my mom in the background enjoying some wine.

We shared around, my entree was the combination platter--skewers of this sausage(ish) stuff that I didn't like very much--I gave it to my mom. The Chicken was great, so was the beef, the veggies were awesome, but best of all was the rise, seasoned in some magical way. My niece also ate quite a bit of the rice, but I have some for lunch today.

Extreme veggie close-up!

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  1. Next time you go. Try the cold appetizer platter. The one at my place has 4 types of humus. Like eggplant, i usually don't eat eggplant but the way they made it, it was off the chain.

    Congrats on the sermon.