Thursday, August 20, 2009

Impulse Buy

Okay, so I needed a new pillow and I woke up pre-alarm contemplating how much I want just ONE nice pillow in my life. So, after work I went to Meijer and went pillow shopping--I got two and two new shams for balance. Anyway, on my way to linens I stopped of in the book section and Jillian Michael's Making the Cut jumped out at me. Although we here at Fat Feminist Fitness Blog seem to have a complicated (read: critical/jealous) relationship with The Biggest Loser, see our previous posts on the subject I've recently contemplated watching one season of the show to be fair. It will be 8 p.m. Tuesday nights (during which I have a class, so I'll have to watch it via hulu or Last season, I watched the first 15 or so minutes and once I saw someone puking on a treadmill because they were being pushed too far on the first day, I said "I'm done" but I was flipping channels, so maybe context was needed before passing judgement. Many people seem to gain a great deal of satisfaction and inspiration from watching this show. So, if I do try to watch it, I figure, I'll find the charm or I'll mock it in the blog. Win/Win.

So, having decided to review "The Biggest Loser" I picked up Jillian Michaels' book and flipped through it. On a total impulse, I bought it because it offered a 30 day exercise routine, complete with toning exercises with diagrams & rep recommendations. I can't afford a personal trainer right now, but having a toning regime might be useful for a while. I didn't really read much, so it could be crap, but I'll let you all know as I progress through the book. As always, take diet/fitness gurus with a dose of salt or reality checks.

p.s. Notice that the cover references getting that "bikini" body, ugh. See our collective previous tirades against the false idol known as bikini worshop over actual indicators of health.


  1. Okay, oops--see this is what's wrong with impulse buys--she explicitly says in the first chapter that this book is for you if you have less than 20lbs to lose.

    Well, the exercise pictures are still useful and I'll keep reading. Also, her Wining by Losing book is for people with 100lbs or more to lose. Can somebody meet me with a happy medium? I'll check it out and see if its used on Amazon and review that then :)

  2. Okay, so I ordered "Wining By Losing" via the used section at Amazon and spent about $7 with shipping included. So, I'll co-review these books (see, now my $13 impulse buy has cost me $20). Oh, well, I do like books...

  3. Well, I am glad she made it clear that the bikini workout is for those with less to lose.

    As in my pervious posts, I say let us walk a mile in the heat with our work clothes on without wanting to die before we seek the bikini crazy standard.