Monday, August 1, 2011

August Resolutions & Blog Update

So, I'm sorry for my absence--I've been traveling and my family has had a few bumps (that are turning out fine), but I'm back. Bad News: LisaD is going to stop being a regular contributor here, but good news, she's starting her own blog soon! She may still post here now and again, but for now she needs to concentrate on finishing her graduate work & launching her own site.

For now, I've decided to return to the earlier format that tracked my fitness progress, mixed with some public policy commentating, etc. So, it'll be a bit more personal & life-style oriented, but they'll still be smart-pants critiques regarding feminism, women's health, pop-culture, etc. Speaking of sound public policy, YAY! The HHS announced today that birth-control and other reproductive health care for women will be classified as preventative which means no co-pays! This is seriously great news!!! Also, breast-feeding aides, such as pumps, will also be covered. So this is a victory for women all around!!!

Now, onto my August Resolutions:

1. Get under 200 lbs (I'm very close); I know that this is a more straight-forward weight-loss goal and less a health-goal, but its my damn goal and I can seriously realize it in a very healthy manner because I'm only pounds away!
2. Concentrate on weight-training & study the possibility of hiring a personal trainer for a specific period of time.
3. Eat more super-foods and anti-oxidants.