Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lizzi Miller: Glamour Does Something Right

Glamour Magazine has been receiving boat-loads of fan-mail in response to the image above of Lizzi Miller, a plus sized model in her undies showing a little belly pouch, in a body-confident manner in their September issue. Look at the joy on her face! Lizzi is between a size 12-14 (so then, actually a bit smaller than the average American woman) and she is gorgeous. One thing that is particularly remarkable about this image and the one below is that Glamour isn't going out of its way to praise itself for having a non-sample sized model on the page. It isn't a "very special" article or spread loudly proclaiming their righteousness by opening the magazine up for a more diverse representation of body types. Its just an article and a photo. So well done Glamour and keep it up (although next time, how about a woman of color plus sized model?)


  1. You're right, she does look beautiful and happy (healthy too, to my eyes). I'll tip my hat to Glamour for including the pictures (and not doing so in a size issue), but I'm still not fully ready to get on board the Glamour train. What's the saying about even a broken clock being right twice a day? For all we know, someone just forgot to photoshop it.

  2. Hadley, I second you. Until we see it every month we can't say they are about body equality.

  3. You both are right--this must become a common feature to really be lauded. Although, the pictures above come from two different issues, so there's hope.

    Now, in terms of the lady mags, Vogue would never do this, or feature Beth Ditto to be "cutting edge"; Cosmo, no way, Elle & Bazaar, not likely. Glamour & Marie Claire, however, tend to be better--they are strict fashion mags and they both do a good job covering human rights issues as well as "women's issues" (which are of course "human rights issues"). I hope that both of those mags continue in the right direction toward body diversity affirmation.

    Hadley, I thought the "someone just forgot to photoshop it" comment was hilarious, then I was sad because you could be right :)