Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Food Blogging

Friday morning I started things out right with an Amazing Meal Smoothie--I never took a picture of the mix before, it looks kind of brownish-green, but when mixed with fruit it tastes really good.

I didn't have any fresh spinach, so here's the smoothie mid-mix with blueberries, blackberries, 1/2 a banana, yogurt, milk, and Amazing Meal Original.

The finished product is distinctly lavendar in color.

For lunch I had a cup of red-pepper & tomato soup, a burger on millet toast with candied onion.

Then as a treat I had some Breyer's "Natural" low-fat ice-cream 150 calories--just for portion sake, know that that is a really small cup.

For dinner I was determined to use my grill before the summer was out. My niece help me put it together. Now that I know how much more eco-friendly gas grills are compared to charcoal, I'll save up for an efficient gas grill in a couple summers, meanwhile, this one was $25. And, it didn't come with all the screws/parts needed to make it perfectly, so oops. On the grill are some veggie skewers seasoned with olive oil, salt/pepper, and Italian Seasoning. They were (are, I have tons left for veggies this week) delish.

Altogether now: veggie skewers, grilled chicken, grilled lamb, & 1/2 a sweet potato.

Saturday morning I made coffee.
I always take it sweet with creamer.

Millet toast with strawberry jam (fresh) and white cheddar cheese.

Salad with left over grilled chicken.

Salad Close-Up!

Pre-race carb load: Quinoa Pasta with purple cabbage, bacon, & cheese.

Sunday Morning: egg-sub omlette & toast with jam.

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