Monday, August 24, 2009


Remember ladies, professionalism isn't just for the workplace.

In the above clip, a Kindergarten teacher assumes that she knows the a man in the grocery store after all-night partying and snogging. It turns out he's the father of one of her students. Pulling is turning into one of my favorite shows. Totally irreverent, yet if you can't find aspects of yourself in their bad behavior then you're not being honest. Since I'm going into teaching (after considering the ministry, which I still might pursue in a few years), I've been keenly aware of how such "high respect, low pay" jobs require an extra dose of discretion. I'm sure that Karen is an excellent Kindergarten teacher and she is an adult woman who is allowed to drink too much and kiss a stranger in a club. Its just in certain fields, one is held to a higher standard. Quite frankly, all women are held to a higher standard of conduct across the board. So, dear reader, any juicy stories you want to share where you're (or your friends') professional perhaps needed a bit of work?

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  1. Well because I am a professional. I will not going into my sketchy life on the Internet.LOL.

    But from the clip, I think the guy would have given her a pass if after the horrific mis-identification she wouldn't have still tried to pick him up.