Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gardening Pics

I had sooo many yellow pear tomatoes to pick last weekend. They are lower in acidity than their red counterparts (though I love them all). I ended up putting most of them on the skewers for the Grill (pictured in my weekend food blogging post). Honestly, though, if you've only ever had grocery store tomatoes, you've really been deprived. They are picked unripened and then gassed to ripeness depending on transit and destination. Homegrown and farmer's market tomatoes are a whole other animal. And they are easily grown in containers, so the apartment dwellers need not miss out.

I still have tons of green tomatoes waiting to ripen as well.

Extreme green close-up.

And another view.

Here are some purple royalty beans. They turn green when you cook them, but on the vine they are easy to spot and produce red/purple flowers instead of the usual white flowers for standard green beans. They are as delish as any of their cousins, of course.

I found another zucchini, a black beauty. My zucchini has been extremely prolific this year. I also grilled these. Many of my zucchini plants have died off recently--they got this yellowing disease, though I didn't see any bug damage. But as I said, they have more than proved their worth over all. I just hope that my fall squashes won't perish before they bear fruit (though I'll have to plant them first).

Oops, I accidentally stepped on a growing cucumber. I picked it and washed it and it was good, despite its early death by clumsy garden photographer.

Here's my attempt at corn--it may or may not work out. Apparently corn rarely works in small gardens because the pollination is so difficult to manage in a small plot (they must cross-polinate). We'll see.
A young zucchini that I planted mid-season, hopping to extend my harvest.

Here's a plot I'm working on for my winter squashes, I need to get planting pretty soon! Actually, I haven't even seeded them indoors yet, but apparently that's not so bad according to the farmer's market crew.

Here are some more legumes.

Harvest on this date included zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and gorgeous photos!

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