Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Elliptical Rock Star

Why is it that I can go two miles on an elliptical in 31 minutes, but it takes me 38-43 minutes on the treadmill? Monday I did two miles with a resistance of 4-6 on the elliptical and burned 323 calories. Then I did toning, which included three leg machines and three arm machines--all very respectable! Great workout and if I can manage this a few times a week throughout the coming semester, I'll be golden.

I think the reason I can go so much faster on the elliptical is that is more closing mimics running without the strain on one's joints. I really love ellipticals, but I know several "real runners" who hate them. I'm lucky because I can use the gym at my work (a University), but the new semester is starting up soon and the first few weeks of school are always packed (and ellipticals are almost always taken). It calms down after people loose resolve. Today I'm doing pilates, tomorrow, I'll return to the gym. During the coming semester I'll only be able to go to the gym Monday's and Thursdays--so, I have to make those days count, and then do arm weights, treadmill, or pilates at home over the weekend. One day at a time, right?

So what about you, dear reader? What's your take on the elliptical machine?

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  1. I have a an Elliptical at home. It is easier on the knees. Mine is manual so it sounds like I am in a wind tunnel when I use it at home.

    You also use more energy on the machine becuase you usually do arm movements in conjuction with the legs.