Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celine Dion Is Pregnant With Second Child at 41!

I am happy for Celine Dion pregnancy, but I think her money makes this an option. She did in vitro fertilization with her first child and most likely did it with the second child. I think for the average middle class woman this option is not trully available. Here is the list of things money provides Celine Dion:

1. The option of bed rest if it is a high risk pregancy.
2. The option of the best care medical care if she has a special needs child.
3. The money to try mutiple in vitro applications. They cost about $12,400 each try.

1 comment:

  1. You know, I do think that 1 & 2 should be goals for all industrialized nations to be able to secure: everyone should have adequate healthcare coverage and labor laws that do not punish illness. #3 is more tricky. Yes the rich will be better able to afford reproductive technologies than you or me, but I do think that as part of comprehensive medical coverage, one should be allowed 4 IVF rounds, as they do in Europe with the implantation of two embroyos (no unregulated 8 freaking embroyos transferred like in the Octomom's case--it should be better regulated, at least in terms of the license evaluations of doctors who "push the envelop" as it were).

    Anyway, I wish Celine all the best with her pregnancy and new edition. Peace