Monday, August 24, 2009

More To Love: More Crying and More Stereotypes

So in the Second Episode. There were some "fat stereotypes" played to the hilt.

1. Being picked last for teams. So they award the last person picked by given her a solo date.

2. First dates in Swimsuits. So you have to cry. Please many men are happy with however they can have sex. But 99% of all men don't want a woman who they have to puff up 24/7.

3. Then Kristian goes off on Malissa in the confessional about not being fat in high school. What is up with hating on someone based on when the got fat in his/her life. On the real being overweight is hard whenever it happens. I actually think it is harder for the formerly skinny to turn fat because they can see the dramatic change of how people treat them.

4. Here is the racist part of the episode. He says to Christina on the Vegas date, that he loved her dark skin. If he was really in to dark skin her would have put some woman of real color on the show.

5. It is psycho how these chicks talk about this guy is the one after one week on a show.

6. The only good thing about the second episode they stop posting the women's weight when they talk.

7. And as you recall from my previous predictions I said he would get rid of the remaining older woman. Here was the elimination breakdown.

Melissa – 21 – Beverly Hills, Calif. – Plus-size model

Heather – 22 – Ankeny, Iowa – Cocktail waitress

Christina – 23 – Brighton, Mich. – Student

Amanda – 23 – Los Angeles – Student

Magali – 24 – Los Angeles – Teacher -Eliminated on 2nd episode

Bonnie – 25 – Portland, Ore. – Make-up artist/Stylist

Danielle – 25 – Los Angeles – Theater company technical director coordinator

Natasha – 25 – Los Angeles – Rocket scientist-Eliminated on 1st episode

Kristian – 26 – Wallington, N.J. – Substitute teacher

Lauren – 26 – Atlanta – Event planner

Malissa – 26 – Los Angeles – Waitress

Mandy – 26 – Long Beach, Calif. – Fitness and dance instructor

Tali – 26 – New York – Artist and motivational speaker

Anna – 27 – Los Angeles – Plus-size model

Natalia – 28 – Dallas – Make-up artist -Eliminated on 1st episode

Sandy – 30 – New York – Dancer -Eliminated on 1st episode

Vanessa – 32 – Los Angeles – Criminal defense attorney -Eliminated on 2nd episode

Michelle – 32 – Orange County, Calif. – Production -Eliminated on 1st episode

Shari – 34 – Los Angeles – Corporate trainer -Eliminated on 1st episode

Arriane – 37 – Santa Monica, Calif. – Entertainer -Eliminated on 2nd episode

I think on the real. They should rename the show to More Insecurities.


  1. I saw a couple clips on Jezebel and I think that Luke is a manipulative and potentially sexually agressive wanker. He blackmails the women into kissing him, pressured by the cameras and the "contest" nature of the show. Its gross and his "oh your so beautiful" blah blah blah makes him seem even creepier. This is turning into a really gross show.

  2. I am ok with Luke being a wanker. My problem is most of the contestants seem like real people versus on other dating shows. Most are model and/or strippers. So they are more likely to take compliments with a gran of salt.

    I think he is the average tv guy. Also, it seems that the girls who had boyfriend cheat on them (Malissa and Christina) are the ones getting all kissy.

    But girls like Kristian who has never been on a date he sticks with kisses on the cheek.

    So I think those who have been around the block take it less seriously.

    In the 3rd episode, you start to hear about peoples singing careers.

    But the show does live in creepy land.