Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to Basics: Food Bloggin'

For breakfast I had English Breakfast tea, millet-toast with PB & Strawberry Preserves.

Lunch was this lovely salad & a Sunshine Veggie burger.

On the veggie burger is some slices of "candy onion" which is a super sweet variety I got at the Lexington Farmer's Market today.

I was hungry before leaving for Starbucks to write my sermon (I'm doing the service at Church tomorrow), so instead of leaving hungry and risking eating a Toffee Almond Bar (the best pastry at SB), I went with a Chobani Greek Yogurt with some Flax Granola in it. Delish--I've missed yogurt during my "induction" period to South Beach--Oh, by the way, that hasn't worked out. I'm going to use many of the SB principals (avoid high-glycemic index carbs, try to eat more lean proteins and veggies for meals, etc. But the straight up Akins-like induction wasn't feasible during this crazy week.

So, I had a lite mocha frap at SB & brought my Fiji water bottle. I wrote the sermon with Frank Sinatra--popular in today's particular SB mix.

Dinner was ridiculously good! Muscles, peaches & cream corn, some black beans & creamed spinach. The muscles were in a white-wine and garlic sauce. They were frozen and I simply heated them up in a sauce pan. Last time I made muscles, they were live and it was emotionally scarring--I didn't understand that I actually would be killing them. Yes, that is hypocritical of me, but I think its also contextual--how often do people kill their dinner in an industrialized modern society? Rarely. So forgive my horror and enjoyment of the pre-washed, brushed, & seasoned muscles.

Muscle close-up.

Peaches & Cream corn starts out mottled, white, yellow, a bit of peach kernels all on the same ear. Then when boiling it turns yellow, but remains sweet as white corn. Delish.

I made black beans and I wanted to test them--that's really only a couple tablespoons worth, though in the close-up it looks like a ton. The creamed spinach was also fab.

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  1. When picking a diet you must to be able to live any day in your life without the food contents of the day deeming you off program.

    That is why I love WW. There is a point value for everything.