Sunday, August 2, 2009

South Beach Diet

Okay, a bit of a confession. I haven't been food blogging this week because I started the South Beach Diet Phase I. Generally, I don't think that the South Beach or Atkins Diets--super high protein, low carbs, is especially healthy, BUT it is a good jump-start kind of diet that helps you curb hunger. I like Phase II better and that's what I'll be doing after the induction phase for August/September. I'll start to take more pictures--because salad with chicken and tilapia with sugar snap peas can be pretty. South Beach isn't all Steak! I really miss fruit, but here's the truth--I really like that this is the first time I've been on a "diet" in a long time in which my brain hasn't rebelled and cried out--I want I want I want. I think its because I'm more comfortable with acknowledging that I am PERFECTLY FREE TO EAT WHATEVER I WANT because this is something I am doing, n0t something that is being thrust on me. So, I'd like to prove to myself that I can do the induction for two weeks as prescribed in the book. I've never stayed on a plan for two weeks, never. So, regardless of the weight-loss outcomes, its kind of an experiment in just being calm in relation to food.

On another note: I must get up on the treadmill this afternoon/early evening. If I'm going to follow a not so healthy diet plan, I have to exercise. Oh, I should mention, the reason I'm doing South Beach is that my boss lost 30 lbs this Spring/Summer on it--exercise was definitely a big part of his plan, but I was really impressed (we all are in the office), so I thought, okay, lets see if I can do this CALMLY and in a mentally okay way. So, its an experiment rather than a "I hate my body, I must do something extreme" kind of thing, which is where I've approached this kind of strict dieting from before.

Phase II introduces fruits and healthy carbs, but from Wednesday July 29-August 12, I'll be on Phase I. The race I'm doing is August 15, so I'll be sure to have some healthy carbs (like quinoa pasta and fruit) the day before the race and since I'm be on Phase II starting the 13th, that should be just fine.

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  1. I can't wait to here the honest post from your race.

    Also, the South Beach diet is pretty tame by diet standards. And two weeks is doable because as they point out it is a jump start not a life style.