Friday, February 27, 2009

Raw: What Will You Eat?

Right now, I'm in a tough spot both time wise and financially (I'm only working one job and taking a full load of classes, whereas usually I have a second job teaching as an adjunct), but this isn't all that bad. (Particularly in this time of financial recession, I am able to pay all of my bills, pay down some debt, and eat relatively healthfully with occasional evenings out).

Anyway, the other way that this financial/time crunch is a blessing for me is that I have to be honest about what I will do/can do and what I will eat. Even though I do have the time crunch, I am not happy unless I get to cook on occasion--its not just the food, its also the activity and creativity. At the beginning of the semester, I bought a whole bunch of Lean Cuisine's because they were on sale for $1.78 and I knew that I would have pretty much no time for food prep. I HATE LEAN CUISINE AND ANY OTHER FROZEN MEAL (except the occasional Amy's or Ethnic Gourmet). These frozen meals have me craving--eh gad--raw veggies dipped in hummus and fresh salads. So, I'm going to give the rest of my frozen meals away and start to prepare meals that I will eat and I really want to eat more raw food. I had a good start this week by bringing baby carrots and snow peas with hummus to work for snack time. I tried a couple weeks ago to bring a mixed bag of organic baby carrots and broccoli to work, but then after not snacking on them I realized: I don't like raw broccoli! I do love: cucumbers, red or green peppers, jicama, baby carrots, snow peas, sugar snap peas, and celery, but I do not like raw broccoli or raw cauliflower and somehow "making" myself eat them really equals me rebelling and eating a granola bar, cheese, or something from the vending machine (which I rarely do and its not the end of the world, but its funny how doing what you think is healthiest often results in the exact opposite behavior).

So, I'd like to bring a salad for lunch on Monday's and either a sandwich or some other prepared meal for dinner; Tuesday I'd like a salad and bring a sandwich to eat in the car on the way home after class; then Wednesday we go out to lunch in the office, eat dinner at home; then finally Thursday is salad for lunch and then wait to eat my "now" traditional treat of chicken wings and beer with 30 Rock for dinner. I don't have to do the salad routine every day, but for a couple weeks I feel like it because I'm in that groove. I want fresh fruit/veggies as snacks available if I crave them and then salads for lunch for a while--almost to make up for the processed food overload as of late.

Stayed tuned to read about "pimpin' your salad" soonly.

April 11!!!

Hello, dear reader! Well, this morning I was thinking about the Lexington Farmer's Market (their website is HERE). I miss the farmer's market, though there is a small winter presence in the atrium at Victorian Square on Saturday mornings, I didn't realize that until I read it on their website this morning doing research for this post! Let's be honest, until the LFM can get a PERMANENT Downtown space and community SUPPORT it will be a fair weather outdoor market in the high season for the foreseeable future.

Since moving back home, I have tried to eat more locally and ethically (and luckily, Lexington, KY does have more opportunities for this than most Southern Cities--Nashville was pathetic on this score I'm sorry to say).

When starting out trying to eat locally, you have to change a few of your preconceptions about how you eat. Now, I'm not a purist by any stretch of the imagination!!! I want to move in stages toward local eating and not try one of those "live local for a year" challenges because I'd just set myself up for failure.

1. You have to bring your own shopping bags--well, most stands do have some old kroger/walmart/target bags they can offer you (since so many Americans are WTF when visiting a farmer's market for the first time), but its a good idea to get in the habit of bringing your own bags out shopping wherever you get your groceries, plus you can express yourself on $1 canvas bags (just think about adding some iron on stickers or using puff paint) or buy them from worthy causes (like the public library often has canvas bags for sale).

2. You need to bring cash--once again, some stands take checks and even a few might take plastic, but its really much more convenient for the farmers if you pay in cash. This can also keep you in budget better!

3. You have to go to the Farmer's Market when its open, in Lexington that means Saturday mornings Downtown or Sunday Mid-morning/Afternoon on Southland. Considering that many grocery stores are open 24/7, this can take getting used to--I don't mean to patronize my readers with this statement. I'm serious! It is a mental shift that reminds us that farmers represent people who work their land and who have all the commitments of family (and often a second or third job) whereas grocery stores represent the collective action of a corporate body that is able to staff and distribute produce brought from Mexico or New Zealand through a vast network stores, chains, distribution centers, etc. Its a very different business model (and the corporate costs are often hidden by the subsidies that our government provides that supports large factory farms over the small scale family farm).

4. Instead of planning your menu for the week and then going to the grocery store to get those specific items, when you are a Farmer's Market shopper, you often need to see what is in season, what looks good, and then try to develop your meal plan for the week while your shopping or just trust that you can make it all work for you. Alice Waters, (visit her restaurant's website here) recommends this type of menu planning and she's able to do it for TWO restaurants--Chez Panisse and the Chez Panisse Cafe--so certainly I, a single person, or even a person with an average sized family could try this technique at least for a couple weeks to see if he/she/they could pull it off.

5. Be prepared to make fruits and vegtables the center of your plate, with grains, breads, meats, poultry, fish (in KY we even have shrimp farmers), cheeses, eggs, dairy, etc. available in bounty as well, you need not go totally vegetarian or vegan, but your focus will probably shift toward the fruits/veggies and you will pair the proteins and grains with the produce rather than the other way around.

6. You can integrate your exercise plan with the farmer's market lifestyle--for example, if you live near downtown, you could walk or bike there and get rolling baskets or attach a basket/panniers to your bike. Unfortunately, I do not live close enough to downtown to do this myself and Lexington has a long way to go in terms of making the city more bike/walkable. Even if you do have to drive to go to a Farmer's Market near you, try to park at a distance and give a walk through of the total Farmer's Market before making your purchases. This will give you more time to think of possible menus/dishes, you can enjoy the energy of the market (and maybe a street musician or two), and you will be sure to try out a variety of stands (I like to try to buy from different stands throughout the season, so that I'm able to support a broder demographic of farms. Though, if one farm always has something I love, like Green Zebra Tomatoes or Purple Podded Snap Beans I'll stop by their stands more often :)

So, my local Farmer's Market starts up April 11th and I can't wait. I do have more plans for extending my local eating this season, so I'll update you as the plans come together.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am glad started calling out celebrities for there photoshop pictures. Only a few celebrities will publicly complain about photoshopping. To name a few:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Kate Winslet
  • Keira Knightley

I think only when the stars themselves start calling out the photoshopping will the media stop using it at the rate they do.

Lisa Rinna Would Rather Go Naked than Host Events

Who is Lisa Rinna kidding? She is 58 years old and always working on her body.

  • If you have seen her face you know she is doing something to her lips.
  • She sells a workout videos.
  • She is always looking tan.

So I think Lisa Rinna is delusional if she says she is not body concerned, because if she wasn't so concerned she would age graceful versus trying to defy time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DWTS' Cheryl Burke Gained Weight After Quitting Birth Control

Medications can affect a persons weight. I think we all (media and fans) need to consider that our comments about weight could be hurting the feelings of someone who is already experiencing an underlined health issue.

Mischa Barton: Don't Worry About My Weight!

The actress says she's lost "a little bit" but is "happier and healthier than ever"
Mischa Barton has some perspective on her shoulders. People (fans and media) don't need to worry about her weight. If she is happy and healthy we shouldn't have any concerns or questions for her.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dealing with Gym Intimidation

Gym Intimidation is real. We should not feel ashamed if we feel it. We just need to remember that overcoming our gym fears will ultimately help our bodies get fit.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Richard Simmons Offers Weight Loss Advice to Jessica Simpson

Richard Simmons was one of the few celebrities that suggested that weight gain for emotional reasons is a possiblity for celebrities. Many fans forget that they are real people and have real problems.

Workout Challenge for Next Week

Okay, so here's my workout challenge next week. I'm realizing that I need to set weekly goals, not big-picture goals for right now because time is soooooooo limited. I will:

3 cardio workouts
2 handweights sessions
1 pilates mat session
1 yoga mat session

I'll let you know how I do March 1st (that's the Sunday after this Sunday and thus will encompass the end of this week and the total challenge period).

What will be you weekly challenge? Let me know in the comments section!

Nick Carter: I Made Excuses Just to Party

Well, Nick Carter goes on Ellen and talks about how working out has improved his self esteem and helped him get away from the party life style.

Why is it when a man works out to improve self esteem he is encouraged and when a woman (read: Lindsey Lohan) does she is accused of having an eating disorder or being vain.

The double standard must stop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

I think the busy American mantra of "Work Hard, Play Hard" is causing Sleep Deprivation. So many of us wear "working late at the office"as a badge of honor. Many people could leave work on time often if they stopped wasting office time doing the following:

  • personal errands,

  • surfing the net

  • water cooler mingling

  • not prioritizing work correctly

  • spend the first 30 minutes of work eating breakfast at our desks

If we all changed our working habits we could do the following:

  • make time for lunch break walks

  • leave work in enough time to make it the gym

  • work out before we head to work

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fat Barbie--Really? Somebody Actually Thought that THIS Was a Good Idea?!?!

"Keep obesity away from your child" is the tagline of a new campaign by Texas-based Hispanic shop LatinWorks for an organization called Active Life Movement. Instead of fat kids, the ads show fat toys—a superhero, pirates and a Barbie-like doll. From Adfreak

There have been studies that have shown that obese children experience shame and social dis-satisfaction to a degree that children undergoing treatment for CANCER experience when they can't be as athletic or active as "normal" weight children. SO, let's shame and humiliate them even more instead of addressing the things that make children fat: like, suburban and urban planning that erases spaces for kids to play in safe places and be active, like HFCS and other food additives that are confusing the bodies natural processes, like the lack of affordable food of high nutritional content, like advertising fast food to children (France prohibits advertising fast-food to children and gee, not really a problem there), and lack of a national health service that would help children have a doctor through his/her life that can help monitor or make suggestions for improving overall health, not just weight.

No, let's not do any of that, let's just make ads with fat Barbie and fat Batman and make fun of fat people through stereotying and shame the chubby child into further social isolation and low self esteem, yah, let's do that.

Or, not.

Seriously, there are steps we can take and they start with you.


Sisterhood: Somebody Has Missed a Few Important Lessons

"I've been at war, without a doubt. I've really experienced the judgment of women in the past year. We say we want to be equal, but men don't sit around bitching at each other. There's no sisterhood." — Sienna Miller [Mirror]

So, Sienna Miller wants to decry the treatment she has received regarding her SECOND home-wrecking affair with a married (with children) man.* Not only does she cry FOUL but indicts not only Feminists, but all women for her mistreatment. Ummm, somebody has missed a few important lessons.

Sisterhood and Feminism is not about chosing choices that screw other people over. If anything, Feminism is about women taking greater responsibility for their lives and actions--and of course, the economic, social, and personal freedom to make informed, ethical decision in life unfettered by patriarchal oppression, which yes, sometimes women gossip and oppress other women based upon the virgin/whore dictomy that 10,000 years of patriarchy have conjured up, but that isn't Feminisms' failure.

Why I chose to discuss this rather salacious piece of celebrity gossip wasn't simply because I get to make fun of Sienna Miller's misapprehension of what Feminism can do for her, but rather to discuss how Choice Feminism seems to be used by very unfeminist or at least very ignorant people to explain away their bad behavior. There's that "I chose my choice, I chose my choice" rant Charolette in Sex & the City went off on when explaining why she was quitting her job to be an "important man's wife." Choice Feminism, that is how reproductive rights were discussed in terms of "choice" in the 1990's-early 2000's, has been a problem for quite a while in terms of popular discourses regarding Feminism, women's rights, reproductive justice, and in career/economic equity issues. "Chosing my choice" became, because I chose X or Y, it somehow is empowering--like staying home with an infant and a toddler because to stay in the workforce would only net you $200 more per month considering the costs of day-care, but never mind that you might want to work or that you might like to "opt out" for six months to a year, but find getting back in on the mommy track later means that you'll start out lower than you left in your career, or that opting out isn't really an option for at least 67% of women--who have to work with infants and have to rely on free or informal childcare provided by other family members or who might be able to qualify for subsidized childcare. Are these really "choices" or negotiating bad circumstances? What if the choice is between doing sex work (say, stripping) because its more lecurative than working at McDonald's--is that "chosing your choice?" Once again, is it empowering? Some, like Diablo Cody, she of the fuck-me-feminism, might say, yes, but I would say that there is a big difference between a "Gonzo" journalist/blogger like Cody stripping to specifically write about it and a woman who may have been molested as a child, had a child as a teenager, and who now sees stripping as the only way to make decent money and support her child/self. That ain't empowerment, its survival (in no way do I mean to demean strippers or sex workers, I just think that there were be way less sex workers out there if healthcare, education, sex-ed, and poverty issues were better addressed so that women could really make a decision about doing sex work because they like it, verses see it as the only alternative they have).

Anyway, Sienna Miller is shocked and dismayed that we feminists aren't supporting her to "chose her choice" to fuck married men. Now, if these married men were in open relationships, I wouldn't have had anything to post about--do whatever, if you are consenting adults and practice safer sex--but these men (who are primarily responsible for the break-up of their marriage because they are the ones who took the vows, but Miller is the one who decided to piss me off by blaming Feminists/Women for her predicament, hence the Miller blametariat) were in monogomous relationships.

How does this all relate to health, fitness, food-justice, Feminist Health policy? Well, I think that choice has been sullied and made both a new way to blame women for pay inequity and inequity in terms of domestic chores/maintenance, but also a way to blame fat folks for what is really individual and social. Is it really a choice for me in a bad economy to get up before dawn, leave the house by 6:20 a.m. to commute 40 minutes by car to a job where I sit all day, then take classes until 9:00 p.m. and get home, as in the A.M. at dark---thereby Mon-Thurs having very little time to exercise? Is it a choice of the consumer that so much of our food is laden with chemicals, hormones, and additives like High Fructose Corn Syrup that interfere with the bodies natural processes? Sure, you can try to eat all organic, but at what cost? Who can really afford that? These aren't choices, they are negotiating difficult circumstances, trying to come to a least harmful end. In terms of the job, I'm doing the classes so that I can leave the seditary lifestyle of the office job and go toward a more enaged and active job, teaching--which I'm excited about, but I have to go through a few months of extra seditariness to get to the other side. In terms of our food industry--just yesterday I got a long list of things I've bought that have been recalled due to the peanutbutter/samonella outbreak (and I've already eaten much of it!). Hopefully, there will be a shake up in inspection of our food and in the re-writing of the Farm Bill (in a few years, they just passed in the later term of Bush, a farm bill ladden with "pork"--and HFCS, Hormones, Soy, and Corn subsidies that promise more of the worst).

In weight-loss or in health maintanence, we often have to negotiate choices that aren't really empower choices, but negotiations between bad or worse. We don't really get to "chose our choice," but when we do make decisions, we have to negotiate between what is truly bad (see, Sienna Miller) and what gonna be what it has to be for now (see, my commute).


*Jude Law was married to Sadie Frost, they had three biological children together and Law had adopted Frost's oldest child by another man, when Sienna Miller and Jude Law began their affair/started their very public relationship. The second affair, that with Balthazaar Getty, broke up his marriage to Rosetta--the mother of his four children who had given birth to their fourth child merely months before Sienna and Getty began their very public (and nude-beach frolicking) affair. Getty is being written out of his hit show, Brothers and Sisters primarily as a result of the affair. Never fear, though, he is heir to the Getty fortune (or one of the heirs)...wait, oops, the Getty family is siding with Rosetta and potentially skipping B. Getty in the estate? Ha!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lindsay Lohan: Weight Loss Is "Not Intentional"

I call the BS card. There is no way a starlet is unaware of her Weight Loss. I am sure she has several yes people surrounding her ( stylist, managers, hair stylist, ect.) telling she looks great and it will help her get her next part.

People are so weight focus in Hollywood. I will never believe a starlet is unaware of her weight gain/weight loss.

Power Chords--Important, Apparently!

Forgive, my dear readers, my absence from the blog. The excuse is the dog ate my homework variety: my cat ate my power chord to my laptop and it isn't easy to get a new one--who knew? Thus, no posts from home and work was v. busy.

I'm back and happy to report an active and energizing weekend! I did tons of yard work, set up my soil station, seedling station, and ordered or bought my seeds for the coming growing season. Now, I have to admit I went overboard on the seed buying. Hopefully, if I save them, some will work next year as well. I'm going to start taking pictures of my gardening adventures, so stay tuned if you like the pics--and I will photograph interesting/particularly tasty food I eat for the blog as well, but seriously, my yogurt and lean cuisines are not interesting to me, so why would they be interesting to blog readers? However, seared scallops over polenta with sauteed greens, yeah, that's some pretty food. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for that particular meal at the Heirloom, a fabulous restaurant in Midway, KY that I highly recommend--so, I'll have to recreate it at home on my own. Anyway, photos still forth coming, but they will branch out to nature photography as well.

Speaking of nature, check out this pic from the recent icestorm (I did alot of brush clearing with my dad this weekend as a result of the storm):

Or, more artsy

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tori Spelling: I Feel "Pressure" to Be Thin

Tori Spelling is 35 and has had 2 kids. Why is she being pressured to look as small as her 20 year old co-stars like Shenae Grimes?

Hollywood and the public who eat up the Hollywood nonsense have to stop the crazy. We are killing a stars slowly by the lack of food. I would rather watch a sitcom full of size 20 woman with talent, then watch another show with an actress on the "is-she-to-skinny-watch".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Positive Talk Part 3

Would you let your romantic partner call you fat? Would you feel abused if he/she called you that?

If so, why do we call our self fat in a self hate way?

If you have an elevated or high BMI that doesn't make you a bad person or lesser than anybody.

If you want to get healthy by lowering your BMI, go for it. There are many safe and healthy tools out there to get you to your goals.

In the meantime, don't be abused by yourself or other with the word fat.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Positive Talk Part 2

We have to stop calling ourselves bad or good based on what we eat.

This is another form of self abuse. We have to stop.

Food has no moral value. It just have a caloric and nutritional value. Therefore, we must take the moral connotation out of food by not giving it labels like good or bad.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Positive Talk Part 1

Why do we call ourselves stupid when we eat high calorie foods?

This is just a form of self abuse. We must stop. Just because we indulged in high calorie foods doesn't make us stupid. All it means is we indulged in high calorie foods.

Let us remember there is a time and a place for all foods.

Let's face it if we are about to run the NYC marathon we would not fill up on apples and broccoli. We we turn to some tried and true carbs the night before.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weird Thought

So, the other day, I was having lunch with my mom and we were talking about her grandmotherly desires--she already has two beautiful, smart, interesting grandchildren, but she joked that she always thought that Asian babies are the cutest and she'd like one in her pantheon of grandchildrenly perfection. It was a joke (she also wanted a red-head child, I was supposed to be red-headed, as my grandfather was, but I came blonde--a duplicate as my brother was already a blonde. In no way was my mother tempted to dye or alter my appearance to get the desired results. LOL).

Anyway, so my mother's Asian Baby comment got me thinking (don't worry, I'm not adopting a baby!): according to the new rules imposed by the Chinese government I'd have to have a BMI under 40 in order to adopt*. I do not currently. Its in the mid-40's (eek). Now, there are tons of things wrong with the BMI (Tom Cruise is obese because of high-muscle mass, blah blah blah). In my case, however, it isn't that off base. In order to be "Chinese Baby Ready" I'd have to be
218 lbs. I've been way skinner than that in the past, I could totally be there again. That also happens to be the 1st weight in Obese III for me (Obese II starts at 190 lbs, Obese I starts at 164 lbs; overweight is at 137-162 lbs and normal is 101**-136 lbs).

So, I'm making a big goal weight of 218 lbs for the near term and a little goal weight of 2 lbs for this week. It might be arbituary (Chinese Baby Adoption Weight? Obsese III catagory beginning, so I guess 217 lbs would be Obese II); either way, I like 218 lbs as a number.

So, let's see.

Oh, and see below a cute Chinese Baby!

*I would probably also have to be debt free, own a home, and be married! So, this is not something I'm serious about doing for real--I hope no one is offended by this musing!!!
**101 lbs--are they #$%@!!!&%$ serious? That is way scary skinny for me to imagine. 100 lbs is underweight, but geez louise, 101 lbs is "normal"; I can't wrap my head around that concept! Honestly, under 136 lbs or even 136 lbs sounds scary to me--maybe issues I need to work on? Probably, but also realistic--ideally, I want to be in the overweight zone, but not obese, though Obese I doesn't seem like a bad weight range to me 164 lbs to 190 lbs seems totally doable and that's where I was in college when I was a 12-14.

Top 5 Celebs I would like to look like

Top 5 Celebs I would like to look like:

  1. Nia Long
  2. Toni Braxton
  3. Mariah Carey
  4. Janet Jackson
  5. Mo'Nique

But her are the top 5 reaons why it will never happen:

  1. Nia, Toni, and Janet are about 6 inches shorter then me.
  2. I can't handle the yo-yo life of Janet Jackson. My heart couldn't take it. Its seems if she eat one thing she gets heavy again.
  3. I don't have a tailor like Mo'Nique so my curves are hugged by my clothes and not hanging on my curves.
  4. I don't have 6 hours a day to work out.
  5. I am not to big on discipline. Both Janet and Mariah have been qouted to say that discipline got them where they are in weight loss goals.

An On-Going Blogging Project

I'm going to start blogging about my use of Martha Beck's book: The Four Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace. Now, first I have to confess that I am highly skeptical of self-help books in general, but Martha Beck is a Ph.D. in psychology and the science she talks about is peer reviewed. Regardless, a couple of things irk me about this book:

1. She tries to be very joke(y) in order to lighten the tone when talking about some very deep/scary stuff. It probably appeals to some people, but for me it dilutes the impact.
2. She does the whole self-help over-selling in the first chapter or so, with quotes like: "The astonishing fact that we can change our brains by using our minds and by behaving in new ways (some as simple as breathing differently) is the key to changing this programming...To learn these skills, you could go the very long scenic route that I took: read hundreds of thousands of pages in subjects from nutrition to psychology to physics to animal behavior to philosophy to linguistic epistemology, then spend thousands of hours counseling and observing dieters. But the strategies in this book are designed to take you to Thinland quickly" (Bolding my emphasis). I'm really glad that I read beyond the introductory chapter due to a recommendation from the now defunct blog, The Elastic Waist, or else I might have just been way too turned off by the hard-sell of "This book will fix all your problems and you'll live in Thinland forevermore." Now, its totally a possibility that it was the editors that made her insert a hard-sell intro chapter (and as someone who teaches composition at a University, I know that one often re-writes the intro based on outside influences or feedback), so Dr. Beck could be innocent and just followed the orders of her publishing house which probably has a successful formula for the self-help genre. But I must say, the actual content of the book is much better than much of the self-help fare I've read in the past.

So, stay tuned readers--it'll be interesting.

Changing Posting Style

Thealogian here, first I want to heartily welcome LisaD as my co-blogger/contributor to Fat Feminist Fitness Blog! WELCOME LISAD!!!

Second, I've not been posting regularly. I think that the format I originally came up with (food diary with occasional commentary on diet culture, food justice, etc.) isn't working. I've been remiss in my postings and I'd like to change that up. First, I'm finding the photos a bit tedious--I'll still take some pictures, but taking a picture everyday of my yogurt seems a waste of time and energy and keeps me from blogging because I feel too committed to the photo format. So, I'll pick and choose when I post images, but I need to put in at least one entry per day about something related to the vision of this blog. So I will. I'm reformed!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Judging Another Person's Size

I am personally offended when someone describes me as fat. But as the Golden Rule says "Do to others as you would have them do to you"(Luke 6:31). I find that I am very guilty of judging others by weight often.

I always think of those who wear a size zero as weak and frail. I also think of all those 700lb people on the Discovery Health Channel as fat and out of control.

So I guess because I am projecting my weight biases on others I an getting the negative energy back to me.

So moving forward I will try to interact with people on the level of personality and stop commenting on people's weight either "thin" or "fat".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nick Carter: Behind My Health & Weight Struggles

I was watching Nick Carter's interview about his health & weight struggles and it got me thinking about why aren't male celebrities held to the same rigorous weight requirements that female starlets are held to.

I am happy that Nick made his change to get healthier, but I think he should have been hounded when he first start "letting himself go" just like Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Jessica Simpson.

Nick said his max weight was 225 and is now down to 167. Jessica was estimated at 135 at the Chili Cookoff and she has been commented on like crazy.

The double standard has to stop. Either male celebrities start getting picketed with "Put your shirt back on" signs or female starlets need to be left alone.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unrealistic Goals

Today I have been musing about unrealistic goals.

For that past five weeks I have set a personal WW goal to obtain 18 activity points a week. After five weeks of missing the mark, I realized it was unrealistic goal for my life right now.

It is unrealistic because my favorite exercise is walking. In the good weather times I will walk 45-60 minutes after work without a care and earn a solid 3 activity points eat day. But in the winter, I am barely outside for more then 20 minutes a day.

So today, I have taken it off of my personal goal list so I can stop feeling self deafeated each week I don't make it. It will not return as a person goal until good weather times.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Blog Contributor

My name is Lisad00. Thealogian has asked me to contribute to this blog.

Here are the top things that shape my diet/food thoughts:
  • Being at a top weight of 271 lbs
  • Currently being a member of WW
  • Having successfully lost weight with the Richard Simmons Foodmover
  • Being a Woman
  • Being Black
  • Have spent time on a 600 calorie a day diet
I want to offer the following to this Blog:

  • Commentary on food and weight perceptions brought to you different media outlets
  • Honest comments on my current journey with Weight Watchers

Defending Jessica Simpson's Weight

Why are so many celebrities defending Jessica Simpson's Weight? I think all these people need to shut up so the story goes away.

First off, US Weekly Magazine estimated her Chili Cookoff weight to be 135 lbs. This weight is far smaller then all the chicks at my local Wal-mart. So if 5' 3" and 135 lbs is fat. The rest of the world needs to be signing up to be on a Discovery Health Show.

In conclusion, all off us celebrity and non-celebrity need to stop talking about Jessica Simpson's Weight because:

one: she is not fat and
two: it is none of our business.