Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Break Out of Your Cardio Rut

Shape Magazine list 15 ways to change up your cardio routine.

1. Inline skate. Inline skating burns up to 700 calories an hour, depending on your speed and how hilly the course is.

2. Shoot hoops. Burns 400 calories an hour.

3. Go dancing. Burns about 300 calories an hour.

4. Join a winter league. Burn up to 790 calories if squash is your game.

5. Try musical jump-rope. Burns 658 calories an hour.

6. "Sock skate." Burns 400 calories an hour.

7. Step it up. Sidestep, hop, jump, run up and down stairs, or take them two at a time. Burns about 360 calories an hour.

8. Rock 'n' walk. Download new music to accompany your walk. Burns 330 calories an hour.

9. Pick up the pace. Walk through your neighborhood, adding one minute of speed-walking or running every five minutes. Burns about 400 calories an hour if repeated 10 times during the course of an hour's walk.

10. Punch in. Buy a punching bag or speed bag and go a few rounds. Burns 394 calories an hour.

11. Jump around. Do aerobic moves, bounce or jog on a minitrampoline. Burns 230 calories an hour.

12. Track it. Wear a pedometer from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed and see how many steps you really take in a day. Burns 150 calories for 10,000 steps.

13. Train in your neighborhood. Take a brisk walk and use your surroundings to perform strengthening exercises. Do push-offs on a mailbox, push-ups against a fence, step-ups on a curb or park bench, lunges up a hill or triceps dips on a bench. Can burn up to 700 calories an hour at a 4-mph pace.

14. Back-walk. Walk backward for variety. Burns 330 calories an hour if you're going 4 mph.

15. Build a DVD library. Burns 428 calories an hour.

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