Monday, August 24, 2009

Eat a Sandwich

So, I got a letter from my doctor with my Celiac panels back and according to those FIVE vials of blood I do not have Celiac! So, that's a good thing!!! Now, that doesn't mean that gluten DOES NOT bother my stomach--it certainly does at times, but that does mean that gluten is not attacking my stomach lining, causing horrible damage. I will continue to eat many gluten free things--I love quinoa pasta, millet toast, gf desserts, etc. But, I won't have to police the gluten as strictly as a "real" celiac, thank goodness. There are certain things that are high in gluten that I simply can't have: like pizza crust (though there is gf pizza crust which is very good), but I think next week I might bring some Rye Bread or Oatmeal Bread along with other sandwich making things to work as an experiment to see if I could have sandwiches. I you see, my schedule is crazy again this semester and millet bread is only good toasted, so having a convenient and healthy meal option is important at least two days out of the four (I have to eat lunch & dinner at work on Tuesday & Wednesday due to my schedule). So, I will try to "eat a sandwich" with bread that has a small amount of gluten in it and see if it bothers my stomach. If it does, I'll look into a wider selection of gluten free breads. Its just an experiment--if it turns out that I just need to not eat too much gluten, then that's great.

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