Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TV Show: How to Look Good Naked

The show "How to Look Good Naked" allows for a body image rediscovery.

Here is the process.

1. Woman describes herself. Mostly woman focus on the negative.
2. Host describes the positive.
3. Host allows woman to line herself up among 6 other woman to compare her size to hers. Most of the time the woman places herself to be much bigger then she actually is.
4. Host places a giant poster of the woman without head so strangers can comment on her looks. Strangers always rank/describe woman better then she does in step 1.
5. Woman get make over from professionals starting with new underwear. Most woman are wearing a bra two small for them. Then new outfit, hair and makeup.
6. After the makeovers, they take a semi-nude photo that is then placed up in a major trafic area for the world to comment on.

I have seen the show a couple of time and it does allow woman who have a warped sense of self gain some presepective by getting out of their own head.

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