Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow: Three Week Juice Diet "Worked Wonders"

"I feel pure and happy and much lighter," the actress writes in her GOOP newsletter. "I dropped the extra pounds that I had gained during a majorly fun and delicious 'relax and enjoy life phase' about a month ago."

New York-based cardiologist Dr. Alejandro Junger explains the "Clean" detox works by cutting out most food and "reducing digestive work so detox can occur in full mode. The Clean Program eases digestion by providing two liquid meals a day and a solid one in between, eliminating allergenic and mucus-forming food, which frees up even more energy," the doctor writes.

This totally sounds like an eating disorder to me at worst and disordered eating at best. Does she believe eating food is only apart of a 'relax and enjoy life phase'? If she does chick is crazy. Balanced nutrition should be in every part of your life and cutting out food group and/or entire meal times is crazy.


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  2. Wow, we got a spam message--apparently pointing out that Gynthweth Paltrow is a whack job (and that doc needs to be investigated because liquid diets should be reserved for post gastric by-pass patients and colon cancer patients for a few weeks only!). A healthy woman who exercises as much as she does (who is underweight as she is) SHOULD NOT BE ON A LIQUID DIET.

    So, pointing that out, got you a "come and drink our coolaid" retreat invite. Weird. Also, how dare they take Wonder Woman's name in vain. She saved us from the Nazis damnit.