Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Snack & Dinner

For a snack this afternoon I had some fresh-cut honey-dew melon with Italian prosciutto, a very thin salty ham that was absolutely fabulous. I felt like I was eating on the patio of an Italian villa on vacation.
I'm very proud of these green beans--all homegrown. There's Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans, Royalty Purple Beans, Beurre De Roquencourt Wax Bean, and Blue Lake Green Beans (and I had a couple sugar snap peas I threw in during the cooking process). I cooked them in some chicken stock I made and froze into ice-cubes. I think that I finally have this making stock thing down--the trick is to simply heat it up, then let it simmer or even sit hot to cold for a whole day and then you get that good Umami essence.

For dinner, I had my homegrown green beans with some frozen enchiladas (also note, that's 30 calorie fat-free cheese melted on top). I also had a BL Lime with this meal.

Here's a close-up of a couple homegrown sugar-snap peas. These were HANDSDOWN THE BEST SUGAR SNAP PEAS I'VE EVER EATEN. In this picture, the appear to be breaking Lisa's "no glistening" food, but I didn't use added fat, its just an effect of the flash on the camera! I swear, they don't need to be added to the "This Is Why You're Fat" website!

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