Thursday, July 30, 2009

iZO Cleanze

Mandy Moore, Allison Janney and Emily Deschanel are fans of the raw, vegan organic juice and superfood cleansing program, which according to the company's CEO and founder Tim Martin, promotes optimum health and weight loss.

"The idea of the mechanics of cleansing is that you're taking away the need for digestion and digestion normally absorbs most of your energy," Tim says. "So when you take away the need for digestion your body can focus that excess energy on healing itself and giving your body a surplus of energy."

iZo features two types of cleanses.

1. The iZO Juice Feast, which is also known as the "Couture Cleanze" consists of fresh organic juices, teas and superfoods made overnight and delivered fresh every morning.

2. There is also the iZO Superfood Cleanze, which is made up of nutrient-dense superfood powders you mix with juice or water yourself.

The fact is Celebrities have lost their minds yet again. The notion that digestion takes up so much energy, that you have to take a rest from it. That is plain crazy. There are plenty of naturally skinny people who eat daily without needing to take a break.

The second kicker to this "diet/scam" is that is cost $150 a day to not eat. You can have raw food meals or the zone meals delivered to your house for about $70 a day. At least you are chewing something with these plans.

People never be so desperate to lose weight that you stop chewing food. You will just be angry and hungry.

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  1. Yeah, I gotta say, chewing is essential to my sense of "eating" and any liquid only diet, unless one had just had colon surgery or gastric, is total crap.

    Once again, scam--and an expensive one.