Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Lunch & Dinner

So for lunch, I decided to drop into Josie's Grab n' Go--its a cool little concept place that specializes in take-out. The above salad cost $4.19 and the diet coke (in a cute glass bottle) was 99 cents. The salad bar isn't the most extensive in town, but it is efficient and full of nummies. I would have to say that the salad bar with the most choices is at Good-Foods Co-op, but Josie's is closer to my place. So, I definitely recommend it if you need something healthy and quick. Oh, and one other thing, the chicken is actually grilled chicken, not that pre-faux grilled stuff you get at most fast-food places where they draw on the grill marks with some kind of faux-food dye.

Salad close up--I got the smallest container because I had that large breakfast.

After lunch, I went to Common Ground Coffee House and ordered a Honey Bee--Latte with Honey and Vanilla. It was WAY too sweet, I only had like three sips, but I stayed at the Coffee Shop for at least on hour and a half working on a my novel. Next time I'll just get brewed coffee--cheaper and I can better control the sweetness myself.

For dinner, roasted chicken, green beans, and polenta with a bit of spaghetti sauce.

For dessert--I defrosted a gluten free coconunt blondie brownie.

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