Thursday, July 30, 2009

More to Love and Race

I am watching the "More to Love" Episode 1 and I want to know what happen to all the black women and latin women the interviewed in the preview videos.

I think it is pretty whack that we can request fat acceptance, but the white man on television can't give woman of color an equal chance to find love.

The only person on a dating show who gives all types of woman ( size, race, age, ect.) a chance was Flavor Flav.

So I am going to give out a shotout to Flavor Flav for holding true the commitment to try to get with any woman.

1 comment:

  1. Plus, Black/Latina women might be able to better model a healthy self-esteem for those damn pathetic white women crying about never having been on a date by 22. I'm not saying its Black/Latina women's job to make white women feel better, but at least a confident woman of color who happens to be over size 14 would at least add some interest to the show which is pretty much a pathetic fest currently, and pathetic gets boring.