Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna's Trainer Denies She's Unhealthy

Madonna is known lately not for her singing, or her divorces, or her adoptions, but for her overly buff, vieny arms.

Wednesday morning on The Early Show, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson addressed the controversy over the 50 year olds bulging biceps that looked like they were literally hanging off her arms. "She's strong, healthy, and gorgeous," Tracy told the reporter when she was questioned about the "scary" arms she had in a photo taken recently.

She denied that the Material Mom was over doing the workout and said that the photos could have been misleading. "She does my method so well - she looks like she's 18," Tracy said as she showed the audience how to work out to achieve the Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow look.

Tracey Anderson has lost her mind. Madonna could not pass as 18 to save her life. I don't think Madonna looks 50, but no one on the planet would mistake her for under 30.

If we want to strive for older lady hotness. Lets look at Tina Turner and Cher as muses. At 62 Tina Turner has a better chance of stealing a man from Beyonce then Madonna at 50.

Tracey Anderson is sell a little more then personal training. She is also sell a load of Bullsh*t to her Celebrity contacts.


  1. I think that Tracy Anderson is a con-artist with a "method" to sell and little regard for the health or well-being of her clients.

    The mainstream media is negligent in its duty to the public by constantly promoting her as a valid source of health/training information.

    Thanks for keeping up with this!

  2. She's HOT! Smoking hot! As a fat man it is not possible for me to have sex with fat girls. First off fat girls want skinny such as my blog partner and co-founder of the New Fat Acceptance. Also, there are mechanical considerations when both partners are fat.

    Skinny women have low self-esteem and they are more likely to get with a lummox like me but fat girls have unusually high self esteem as several major studies have proven.

  3. One more thing... The media love to beat up on skinny girls but nobody is talking about the fact that Michael Jackson's BMI was 15.5 for much of his career and at his death.

    There is a huge double standard here. A lot has to do with jealous fat girls who do not accept their fat and gluttony so they pick on anorexic women in the most catty ways.

    I, Fat Bastard was the first and only journalist to speak about MJ's anorexia and how it contributed to his tragic death. You can read about it on my blog.