Monday, July 6, 2009

Fitness Music Links

Check out the links provided in THIS article from Vital Juice for cool workout music downloads and tips. I thought that the resources they cited were really useful.

When I'm gardening, I like to listen to pod-casts, but when I'm doing cardio outdoors, its gotta have a beat!

What about you, dear reader? What are your preferences when working out?

p.s. When inside, I usually watch something on TV at the gym or on my treadmill.


  1. I's gotta have a beat! We just did a post about running (really for a marathon, but works for just running or fitness) and looking at how Beats Per Minute (BPM) effects your running or workout. See here: or running music playlist Enjoy you posts on fitness and food. Best regards, Monica

  2. I like my top 40 pop music for workouts. I warm up to Ushers "Bad Girl". I work out to Janet, Mariah, and Gwen Stefani. For cool down I do Madonna "Love don't Live Here"