Friday, July 31, 2009

A Good Example, Thank You Mo'Nique

In an interview with the LA Times, Mo'Nique gives us some healthy perspective on weight and seeking health outcomes, not dress size as sole indicator.

She's quoted as saying:

“It’s OK to be big, but let’s be big and healthy,” she said. “I started at 262 pounds, and now I’m between 220-224. ... I want to meet my grandkids. So that’s why I had to lose some of the weight. Get myself into shape. I want to be here.”

“I can’t get too much smaller because my head is big.”

She also talks about her latest role in Precious which some are whispering "Oscar Nomination" in the offing--I've only seen the trailer for Precious and I gotta say that alone had me weepy.

So, a big Fat Feminist Fitness Blog Thank You to Mo'Nique for your good example.


  1. The October 2008 issue of Essence Magazine has a great interview about how she use her own experience with abuse to channel her character for the move.

    Mo'Nique always keeps it real.

  2. I have a HUGE problem with her. As a founding member of the New Fat Acceptance I find her remarks about skinny women to be in bad taste at best. Some of you who read my blog know that I am not real pleased with fat feminism and what it has done to fat acceptance.

  3. Well I think a lot of her skinny woman comments come in the vain of commedy. I personally don't think she sits at home throwing darts a photos of supermodels.