Friday, July 10, 2009


Confession: I can find my camera! I'm going to find it tomorrow and get back on the food-blogging in a more concerted way, but the lack of camera is particularly sad today in light of two food experiments I'd like to share.

The first was a breakfast experiment. I've read about "overnight oats" at a couple of other health/food blogs, so I thought I'd try them. First off, the concept is to soak the oats over night and have cold, raw oatmeal which keeps the maximal nutrients intact. I also wanted to add Chia seeds to this overnight oats experiment because I head that they are loaded with Omega-3's and that they produce some sort of gel when soaked that also contains antioxidents. Unfortunately, Whole Foods did not have Chia seeds and Good Foods Co-op only had a large container at $17.99 per, that I deemed to rich for a mere experiment (I'll try to order a sample size first and get back to you regarding Chia seeds).

So, I mixed some of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats (many oats are processed at plants that also process wheat products, but the GF variety are processed at a dedicated plant and are test for gluten, so THANK YOU BOB! Here's the company link, I love their products soooooo much).
I mixed the oats with vanilla low fat yogurt, flax seeds, and milk. I think I put in too much milk because they were a bit too runny for my taste. I'm not giving up on the concept, but I will have to try differing configurations to get my desired result.

The other menu item I wanted to share was my evening salad--it was absolutely gorgeous! Organic mixed greens, red pepper, carots, avocado, boiled and cubbed chicken (which I really like boiled chicken on salads--I'm going to try that more often), strawberries, chevre, slivered almonds, and balsamic vingrette! Beautiful and delicious! No camera, no sharing my pretty food is sad. I also had some tomato/red pepper soup--that stuff is addicting! Even in summer.

There will be pictures--I will find my camera! Triumph is within reach--or at least maybe under a cushion?


  1. Wow, I just read your header on your blog after linking here through Escape from Obesity. I'm excited to read more of your posts as I suspect we share many similar interests and perspectives. Looking forward to what I might learn...

  2. Welcome Lynna! Glad to have you!

    Check out some of our archives (we've both been off and on vacation this summer, so I think some of our best posts go back a couple months, but we'll both be in full swing now).