Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exercise and the Economy

Taking a queue from Thealogian I will do a personal Blog post.

As you know I am doing WW and with the program I have to obtain Activity points (Measurements of Exercise).

I currently gain my Activity points from walking. My walking routines are as follows:

1. I will get off the Subway two stops and head or walk to a Subway stop two stops ahead.
2. I will walk my neighborhood
3. I will walk in the park with a friend.

But this Spring I was looking into joining a gym. Well in the past month, three of the gyms I visited this Spring have been calling me to see if I was still interested or if they could tell me about there specials.

Obviously the Gym industry has been hit hard by the economic down. Cause these same gyms were not very attentive when I was trying out there gyms in the Spring. I actually felt that the service people at one gym were on the verge of being rude.

Therefore, I told all 3 gyms that I was not interested and had no times for their calls.

So I would like to remind gyms and other business that you need to being good to customers and potential customers in the good times, because you just might need them in the lean times.

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