Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Eats

Breakfast was two pieces of millet toast with tomato and cheese (my blender was dirty, so I wasn't able to make a smoothie, which was the original intention). It was delicious.

I also had English Breakfast tea.

Lunch was Tuna & Avocado roll.

Dinner was fabulous. Here's the veggies for my quinoa pasta.

Here's the veggies with the strips of meat stir-fried (the meat I pre-cooked on its own). To avoid anemia, I'm having red meat around my cycle. I'll also double-up on the multi around then as well.

Altogether now: pasta, steak strips, zucchini (from my garden), red onion, fresh tomato, parm cheese, and quinoa pasta. I've made enough for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's lunch.

Here's this evenings portion, served with a BL Lime. I would have liked some Pinot Noir or Melot, but I don't have any red wine in the house right now.

I'm ready for my close-up now.

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