Monday, July 13, 2009

Oprah's Focus for 2009

Below is what Oprah's personal focus for 2009:

So now everybody's asking about my new plan to take the weight off. And here's what I've come to: My focus is no longer on the weight. My focus this year will be on how to achieve optimum health, get support when I need it, find ways to nurture myself, deepen my spiritual connection—and have some fun.

If I can shift the paradigm from weight to optimum health and well-being, I know for sure my best life is waiting to unfold.

I think it is good for her and other dieters to start focusing on health, well-being, and balance. Obviously focusing on weight alone has not kept her thin and if she can't stay thin with her money then weight loss has to be more than just the tools we use to lose weight.

I also suspect that Oprah also found out what many dieters find out the hard way:
Losing weight does not fix any problem besides obesity.

Therefore, if you have emotional, financial, and/or social problems they will still be there when you lose the weight.