Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dr. Oz's The 14-Day Plan

Traditionally, the medical community has focused on reversing the acute illnesses associated with aging—cancer, heart disease and stroke. But to add serious, high-quality years to your life—years when your body continues to work at its peak level—you have to lower your risk for all diseases. And the only way to do that is by slowing the aging of cells.

Rather than treating your body as a disposable product, this 14-day plan will teach you to take care of it in a way that keeps it performing like new. The following two weeks of tips, quizzes, shopping lists and action steps will prepare your mind and body to make lasting changes.

Why 14 days? Because that's how long it takes for many healthy behaviors to become healthy habits.

This is the list that caught my eye.

Your Daily YOU-Do List
1. Walk 30 minutes.
2. Floss and brush the teeth that you wish to keep.
3. Drink several cups of green tea with your copious water intake.
4. Take your pills.
5. Sleep seven to eight hours a night.
6. Meditate for five minutes at some point during the day.

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  1. That's really not a bad list at all--although if one were caffeine sensitive, one would need to find de-caff green tea that has been minimally processed to get the benefits. Personally, I like flavored green tea (like pomegrante or Jasmine green tea), iced, with stevia and sometimes juice. Particularly in summer!