Monday, July 27, 2009

11 ways to change your weight fate

Improve your eating
1. Write off weight. To lower BMI, keep a food journal.
2. Befriend a farmer. Shop at a farmers' market to balance your diet
3. Eat heartily in the A.M. Make your morning meal the main one. Aim for up to 500 calories.
4. Start cookin'. Prepare at least half of your meals at home.
5. Snack smarter. Stop smoking and munch right to help your body stay at a healthy weight.
6. Limit yourself to one glass daily of soda or alcohol. Replacing caloric beverages with water can help you drop up to 20 pounds in a year.

Get your brain on board
1. Chill. Relaxing daily can lower the stress hormones that spur overeating, a study from Harvard Medical School in Boston finds.
2. Swap reruns for sleep. Replace half an hour of television watching with additional shut-eye daily and you'll wake up with lower levels of hunger hormones.
3. Pace yourself. Slow down at meals so your mind has time to register fullness before you go back for seconds.

Move more
1. Hoof it. Can't change your commute from car to foot? Achieve a similar effect by delivering news to coworkers in person, not via email.
2. Firm up. Muscle burns calories even as you rest, but women older than age 35 lose about a quarter pound of muscle per year.

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