Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday's Eats

For breakfast I had some blueberry Chobani Greek yogurt with Flax-Plus Granola and some Black Tea with 1/2 & sugar. I like eating at my desk first thing in the morning better than a smoothie in the car. I do like smoothies, but somehow if I drink it while driving, I feel like I miss a meal. Its psychological, of course, but the psychology of eating is crucial to understanding one's on habits and how they inhibit or promote a good relationship with food.

For lunch Tuesday (and Monday, though I still hadn't found my camera), I had Cajun Beans & Rice with Andouille sausage, some fat-free swiss, and a 1/8 an avocado. It was fabulous! I'll definitely make this again.

For dinner, I wasn't really feeling that hungry (at first), so I had a gluten-free bagel with Almond Butter and milk. Quick, yummy--but then a couple hours later, I was really hungry and I realized that since I wouldn't be able to eat until lunch Wednesday (I had to fast to get a blood panel done at the Dr's Wednesday morning) I would probably starve if I didn't eat something else. So, I had two eggs and a piece of millet toast (not pictured because I forgot).

This was definitely a low-veggie day for me! Just the blueberries in the yogurt and the avocado--honestly, that's really rare. I love fruits and veggies--I have a honey-dew melon in the fridge right now, several zucchini/yellow squash from my garden, three egg-plants (small) from the Farmer's Market, tons of green beans from my yard and the FM, and a cabbage (which I've promised to cook up and share with the folks). So, you should see mondo veggies the rest of the week!


  1. You seem to have a lot of dairy in your life:
    lowfat cheese, sour cream, yogurt, milk. Is this on purpose. Food pryamid only suggests 3 servings a day.

    You also seem to get a lot of bread like items in your day also.

    Or does it just seem like this because you had a low veggie day.

    Also, I wait to have my smoothies at work because 1. I get motion sickness on the subway 2. I know I get real chewable food at Noon for lunch.

  2. Yeah, I can abuse the dairy--although the fat-free swiss slice was only 30 calories, so that's not a whole serving. So, a yogurt and a class of milk is about what one should have.

    This was uncharacteristically low in fruit/veggies and very carby for me. At least the gluten-free bagel is made with whole-grains.