Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Breakfast & Lunch

Well, that picture didn't work--I tried to copy/paste and crop the picture from my earlier GF Bagel and Almond Butter post in order to recreate this morning's breakfast, but it looks like a postage stamp--regardless, you get the idea. I also had Chai Tea with it.

I haven't posted all my glorious produce I've brought in from the garden this year--I will post some back pic's soon. Here's a yellow squash, green and royalty purple beans and one very unripe tomato. There are TONS of tomatoes on the vine, but this particular tomato's nearest neighbor was eaten by a pretty big creature because it wasn't touched by bugs, more likely a racoon or squirrel. I accidentally dislodged this tomato when trying to pick and dispose of the other (to not attract more pests). Calliope is outside guarding the tomatoes right now, so hopefully things will be alright. I'll just try to ripen this tomato in the window.

Pretty salad for lunch (pre-dressing and chicken--I think that the veggies alone make a better picture, but both versions will be posted).

My super favorite red-pepper and tomato soup, honestly I love this stuff. I didn't quite have a whole cup :( must go to the grocery.

Altogether now: salad with mixed greens, snow peas, red pepper, avocado, chicken, goat cheese, and lite balsamic dressing; red-pepper tomato soup, and a glass of iced-zinger tea with a smidge of lemonaid in it.


  1. One of the key questions I ask myself these days is "when can I have this again?" So if your co-workers are foodies. I would bring an nice glass of water to the b-day celebration and leave the cake alone.

    But if you job will only pay for a cake once a quarter. I say eat the cake.

  2. I made the cake and there were jokes, "you didn't put ex-lax in it, did you" so I had to eat it to prove it wasn't tampered with lol. We only have five full-time people in the office we do b-day's for, plus the student worker. My bosses b-day is over X-mas break, so there's five celebrations per year--it just so happens that there are two in July.