Monday, July 20, 2009

This is a good thing?

Apparently, Marathon Running times are up significantly since the economic down-turn. The title of the article I read about this phenomenon is "Unemployed People Run Faster." Haha--right? Not so much. Correlation does not equal causation and significantly more data supports the fact that general health DECLINES in times of economic depression--due to stress, worse nutrition, and lack of affordable medical care. So, let's hold up on the glib prounouncements about the "benefits" of recession/depression. What do you think, dear reader?


  1. I agree. The media is always ready to make correlations.

    There are benefits to every negative, but they are always seen in the hindsight view of the situation.

  2. The only "race" that's going on is a race to the bottom: people's pay cheques are actually shrinking, benefits are going down the toilet and as for healthy eating--as long as McDonald's is cheap and plentiful while healthy, real food remains costly, there's going to be a lot of junk food eating going on.