Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Drinks and Calorie Break-Down

Fitsugar has a useful alcoholic drink by calorie break-down up right now, HERE. I was shocked to learn that a Gin and Tonic has 200 calories yet a Mojito (both 8oz) only has 175. Of course the best bets were the light beers and wines. I like the BL Lime is only 116, I'm such a girly drinker, I can't handle a stout or hops-centric beer.


  1. At bars they generally don't offer diet tonic, but you can buy diet tonic for at home drinks.

  2. For some reason I thought tonic was bitter blubbly water, so I didn't know that it added so many calories to a drink. I've never really been a gin/tonic person, but still I found this surprising. What is tonic if it comes in regular/diet? Does it have sugar?

  3. Schweppes' Tonic has 22g of sugar in the regular tonic. The Diet Tonic has no sugar and is 0 calories.