Friday, July 17, 2009

Honesty About Exercise

Taking a queue from Thealogian I will do a personal Blog post.

As you know I am doing WW and with the program I have to obtain Activity points (Measurments of Exercise). The ultimate goal is to obtain 24 points a week when you are at peak fitness and weight health.

Well I give myself about 9-13 points a week. Yet to get honest with my self I took yesterday city walking and recaluated my milage using . What I found out was yesterday's life walking was the equvilant of 1.21 miles. Which is about 24 minutes of lesiure walking and equal to one activity point and not the 2 activity points I give myself. There I should be given my self 4.5 - 6.5 points a week.

The reason this is important is that I tend to eat my points versus reserve them. Therefore, I am not reaching my goals because I was eating more points then I earned through exercise.

Therefore, when feeling defeated with weight gain go back and recalculate your actually habits more accurately so a white lie/delusion doesn't turn into 20 lbs.

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