Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekend Food Blogging: Sat's Lunch & Dinner

I love Sunshine Veggie Burgers--good source of vegetarian protein and GLUTEN FREE! Yay, quite a few vegetarian burgers have tons of seiten or Wheat Gluten concentrated as their main protein source, which hurts my tummy. Above is the Southwestern burger, in the pan.

So, I had the Sunshine burger on a gluten-free cheese biscuit (which really didn't work as a bun) with a piece of fat-free swiss cheese, and some tomato/roasted red pepper soup from Pacific. Delish, though the biscuit burger bun didn't really work, it sort of conveyed the idea.

Then I went out to India, here is the (not gluten free) naan bread and rice. I still ate the naan, though I shouldn't, but too good not to.

Here's the Lamb Pasanda and Saag Paneer we* shared, Indian food--SO GOOD.

* By we, I mean my friend Kate and I--who will hopefully be joining us as a co-blogger at FFFB.

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  1. Weekend food photos looked appetizing excepted for the mini biscut surrounded by "meat" product.