Friday, June 19, 2009

MeMe Roth, Again...

MeMe Roth, the self-professed anti-obesity advocate who doesn't eat anything in a given day unless she's run four miles and who equates over-eating with rape (see earlier post here), is back at it again--not fighting for for health, but grabbing press space in order to share her disordered views. This time, its about the food in schools.

Now, I have to say that I think that the school lunch program needs A LOT of work--let's try for a bit more high-nutrient foods rather than the swell, salt, fat, and white flour that is standard fair. But Roth's problem isn't the school lunch program, after all her kids probably don't go to public schools, but rather the cupcakes and other treats served occasionally in schools. She instructs her children to place any unauthorized food in a plastic container, bring it home, and then she determine where or no they can eat it. She also, apparently caused the police to be called when she stole all the dessert toppings at a YMCA sundae bar, causing a scene. She wants to institute a rule where all parents have to sign permission slips whenever the students will be served cupcakes for a classmate's birthday or candy on Halloween.

Now, I understand some of where she's coming from--there can be a lot of sweets in schools. From what I understand, many elementary schools have instituted policies where instead of celebrating birthdays in class on an individual basis, cupcakes will allowed in once per month to celebrate all the childrens' birthdays in say April or November. That seems like a reasonable compromise and getting rid of vending machines is another big step in making schools healthier. But, I have to say, it seems like her behavior, forcing her children to fear sweets, is eating-disorder promoting. Okay, she's their parent, she wants little anorexics, many might say, and maybe so, but she wants to force her views, make her rules (the permission slips, tupperware, etc.) the rules for everyone's child. Systematically, it is much better to help children understand the nature of "treats" which by their very name are only to be had occasionally! Children get this, let them have cupcakes once in a while. Help them learn how to have a balanced diet.

p.s. original story here!


  1. The chick is crazy, but I think permisson slips on file stating if you kid can have snacks outside of the lunch room is reasonable.

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