Monday, June 8, 2009

Ed Westwick Peeved Over "Fat" Rumors

Listen up, Upper East Siders: Chuck Bass isn't chubby.

Asked to name the craziest rumor he's heard about himself, Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick tells E! News: "That I'm fat!"

"It was something like 'the wardrobe department on Gossip Girl has to keep changing his clothes due to his expanding waistline,'" he added, referring to an April In Touch tabloid report. "It's ludicrous!"

Hollywood has gone crazy. Ed Westwick is no where close to being the 500 lbs teens featured on the Discovery Health channel. He is not even John Candy fat. Hollywood has just lost it. Even men can't escape the crazy anymore. I guess that is why so many are striving to be metro-sexual these days.

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