Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Food Blogging

Okay, well, I'm trying to get back on the food-blogging train, I kept track pretty well over the weekend, but this week, until today, here's my shady record. Starting with today's entry, it will be more linear and accurate. Anyway, above you'll find breakfast from Monday--GF flax waffles with almond butter and nanner.

Here's Monday' s lunch (its not as bad as it looks) Amy's Original cheese enchilada, chips, anda diet coke--okay, diet coke evil, yes, but I needed the caffeine.

Here's Wednesday's lunch, which is actually leftovers from Tuesday's dinner, which was roasted veggies (yellow squash from garden, red pepper, eggplant, and portabello mushrooms made with olive oil, Italian herbs, kosher salt and ground pepper) and some left-over stuffed chicken breast.

Here is last night's dinner: Ethnic Gourmet's chicken pad-tai, with added extra asian veggies. Calorie wise, way better than take-out.

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  1. Ethnic Gourmet's chicken pad-tai look good in the photo. The rest of the days food look unappealing.

    I stay away from most diet soda. I started making my own ice coffee. That is where I get my caffine.

    I make mine to equal 3 points per thermos ( 2 1/2 cups).