Monday, June 22, 2009

Marissa Jaret Winokur Tries to Say 'No' to Fries

The Tony-winning actress, 36, recently admitted that though she didn't give birth to her 11-month-old son Zev (who was carried via a surrogate), she has put on pounds since his arrival. "You don't actually have to carry the baby to gain the weight," Winokur tells PEOPLE.

Now on a mission to get back in the shape she was in while appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Winokur (whose Oxygen show premieres June 29) has returned to exercising and has a goal: to appear in a bikini in the pages of PEOPLE.

Here is another person whose fitness goal is to be in on display in a bikini. Why can't more people have goals like:
1. I want to play with my kids in the park
2. Fit into the skinny people coffin ( my personal goal)
3. Shop in the mall all day with out taking a break.
4. Walk into my closets and know that all my close fit after a weekend with friends.

I think the bikini goal is causing a lot of heartache for the American dieter and I am going to say to all those who are wondering:

It is OK to have a weight loss goal that doesn't include a bikini.

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