Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tracy Anderson's New Gym Only $900 Per Month!!!

For the low-low price of $900 per month, plus a $1,500 induction fee you can join Tracy Anderson's new scam, I mean gym, oops, I mean "studio." There you can learn all kinds of fitness myths, like don't lift more than 3lbs of weights or else you'll get bulky and ugly or running makes your ass ugly or even the gem that Anderson's clients aren't allowed to EVER do yoga. Bitch, please, why this woman is taken seriously in the fitness world is beyond me, no wait, I get it, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are prime members of this particular coolaid cult, so tons of rich women will just adore over-paying this woman (who wont even be training individuals at this studio, just training the trainers with her "method" which involves that metal ballet/S&M bar thingy) for the benefit of getting bad advice, developing new and innovative phobias, and of course aspiring to be teeny-tiny regardless of health. I hope that in this bad economy even the rich will say, $900 for what??? And thus find better, reputable (not to mention ethical) trainers and fitness regimes.

Oh, and this is just a snark, but what's with the 1992 prom dress Anderson is sporting in the promo? I get that the message is, if you work out with me you'll get this glamourous lifestyle in which you need to wear tacky-prom dresses from 1992 to the Met and whatnot, but the heels on the metal just comes off tacky (both Gwynth & Anderson look tacky) in this ad.

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  1. I think it is a cover for cosemtic out patient enhancements. Madonna be photographed running all the time so obviously she didn't buy into the "no running" hype.

    The $900 is partly hype and partly what is needed to pay for real estate in tribeca.