Monday, June 8, 2009

Sherri Shepherd's Trainer Catches Her Cheating on Diet – Online

Shepherd, 42, tweeted on Sunday that she "messed up a little last night ... had fried calamari and fried catfish – gotta stay away from the soul food! Back on track today – gym at 3 pm."

But before she could make up for her transgressions, she'd been discovered. "Ain't this a blip! I was planning on fibbing 2 my trainer & nutritional coach about what I ate this weekend – but they follow me," she tweeted later that day.

It was a lesson learned for Shepherd about not giving away too much on Twitter. "You just assume when you tweet that you're tweeting to people far away, not the person – your neighbor across the hall," Shepherd said on The View. "I wish my coach would have not tweeted because she's coming here tomorrow to get on me about what I ate."

See technology will force people to get honest or it will cause a lot of people to get caught up in their lies.

I think it is important to be real with your personal trainer and other health professionals. You are only hurting your progress when you try to lie. If you can't get honest with these people you need to change your health network to people you can be honest with.

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