Monday, June 8, 2009

Raw Truth: Raw Soul Part II

It ware great seeing Thealogian. We had a great time. I agreed to go to the restaurant because it was her vacation also.

My first is many problems with this meal was the cost. My sample platter was $18 before tax. This was a crazy price to me since no animal died for my meal and con-ed was not being paid for cooking gas.

My second problem was my burger. It was like eating an "un-brownie" wrapped in lettuce and sprouts.

The third problem is the stomach "issues". I also had a mild allergic reaction to something that cause a scratch throat.

Here is a list of the good things that I found in order to be fair.

My wrap, tasted like spicy humus on lettuce. It is the only thing I might think about eating again in the future on purpose.

The pizza seemed more like a tostada to me since the crust was hard like a cracker.

The presentation was good. I could identify all off the things on my plate as something I had seen before.

Thealogian offered to by me a donut after the meal but I was afraid to eat anything after the meal just in case my allergic reaction worsen and I need to tell the doctors what I ate.

By dinner time I couldn't wait to eat something that had been killed.

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