Monday, June 29, 2009

Mo'Nique Sets the Record Straight

I saw Mo'Nique last night at the Beacon Theater. She looked so awesome. She was representing for the Big Girls. She had this hot pink number on. She looked every bit Red Carpet ready. At the beginning of the show she set the record straight on here recent weight loss.

She says she has not undergone weight loss surgery. She also stated that she was currently 224lbs. I do believe that was her current weight for two reasons:

  1. 5 minutes into the show she took off her high heel shoes and did the remainder of the show barefoot.

  2. I also believe this because home girl had sweat marks all over her dress by the end of the show.

Yet, with that said, she never seemed to have to stop and catch her breath in between jokes and sight gags. So my props go out to Mo'Nique for getting healthy without going Hollywood diet crazy.

She is also losing weight slowly because she state her weight as 232lbs in her October 2008 article for Essence Magazine .

1 comment:

  1. I think that its great that she actually shares her weight. She has a very feminine form that's quite sexy and she's 224lbs.

    Thank you Mo'Nique!