Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hills Star Admits to Bulimia, Triggered by "Skinny" Costars

Hills star Stephanie Pratt opens up for the first time in the new issue of Us Weekly about hating her body and her terrifying secret struggle with bulimia -- sparked, she says, by the pressure of appearing alongside her super-thin friends on the hit MTV reality show.

I don't think anyone causes you to have an eating disorder. But I do think when celebrities lie about how they do no exercise and eat pizza all day in order to be a size zero, it does cause people believe they have to go to extremes to achieve the same look.

If the Celebrities start getting real like Mariah Carey. She says, she swims, eats broth and lettuce, & drinks a little champagne to look like her. Or like Halle Berry, who said even she had to lose another 15 lbs off her already skinny self to fit in the Catwoman outfit. I think people could honestly decide if they want to put in the work to get the body or deal with what they got.

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