Monday, December 14, 2009

Women Veterans

Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance is an article describing the lack of support our women veterans are receiving at home by their neighbors and their government. Below I offer my tips what are some of the things you as a neighbor can do to make it better.

1. If you never have been in the military, please understand that it tough job mind, body, and soul no matter if you severed state side or aboard. Every job in the military from Navy Seal to cook to secretary has the potential to become life threaten if your installation is attacked. This is why all soldiers no matter what job they will do are trained in combat.

2. Not every women near a military installation is there to support her "man" a lot of those women are actually soldiers.

3. Families please accept all your loved one's solider buddies male and female. Even though we known our loved ones. Their solider buddies know them in a way we never can and we shouldn't break up those bonds due to jealousy.

4. Let your women veteran know about VA CENTER FOR WOMEN VETERANS

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